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SEOMountain has made it really easy to manage our own site's SEO. I like that I can do it myself without having to wait for or bother our website developer.

Beth Everett, The United Way

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With SEOMountain, you can easily manage your website's most important SEO components.

  • Page title creation, updates and analysis
  • Meta description creation, updates and analysis
  • Set and update image alternate description tags
  • Create and add schema metadata to page
  • Update your website's favicon
  • Update each page individually

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Pause or cancel anytime

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What's included:

  • Simple, on-site user interface
  • Unlimited changes
  • Real-time analysis

"Very pleased with SEOMountain and the helpful analysis included that has empowered us to learn and grow in our understanding."

-Doug Ashley, Doug Ashley Realtors

"SEOMountain has been a great fit for our business. Because it's so easy to use, we make changes often so that we can see which combination of settings works best!"

-Donna Sichette, Independent Can Company

"The best part about SEOMountain is not only that we can easily update our webpage settings, but also see in real-time how well our tags are optimized before we save and push to the live site."

-Humberto Hernandez, Cantrell•Gainco Group


Is it really unlimited changes?

Yes! Once subscribed, you can make as many updates and changes to your webpage search engine components as you'd like, and they'll continue to work for as long as your subscription is active.

How do I install the plugin on my site?

You'll need to copy and paste our simple, 1-line script into your website. You can ask a developer to help, or there are also many other free plugins depending on your platform that will help with this. Or, we'll even do it for you!

How long will my changes take to work?

It often takes some time for search engines to crawl and recrawl your pages, and then index the new findings (i.e. updated titles). However, sometimes you can actually submit a page directly to a search engine to be crawled immediately.

As far as search performance is concerned, the changes you can make using our plugin will help to make your pages more search engine friendly in the long run, but you should always be looking to see where you can optimize your site. To receive expert consultation, go to zerotodigital.com.

Do you offer discounted annual plans?

Absolutely. You can save 10% when you pay in full for a year. That's more than getting a whole month for free!

What if I don't understand or I have more questions?

No worries! You can always send us an email to support@seomtn.com.

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